As a towing company, we specialize in transporting vehicles that are disabled or immobilized due to various reasons such as accidents, breakdowns, flat tires, and other mechanical problems. Gerver’s Towing uses specialized trucks equipped with hydraulic lifts or flatbeds to transport the vehicles from one location to another.

Primary services provided are:

  1. Emergency towing: On call 24/7 to provide emergency towing services for vehicles involved in accidents, breakdowns, or other emergencies.

  2. Roadside assistance: We offer roadside assistance services such as jump-starting dead batteries, changing flat tires, and unlocking vehicles.

  3. Vehicle recovery: We assist in recovering vehicles that have been involved in accidents or have become stuck in mud, snow, or other difficult terrain.

  4. Transportation: Towing vehicles from one location to another, such as moving a vehicle to a repair shop or to a new owner after a sale.

Gerver’s Towing plays an essential role in keeping the roads safe and helping drivers in need of assistance.


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